Beware of Fake “Palworld” Mobile Apps, Warns Developer Pocketpair

Image: Pocketpair

In a recent announcement, Pocketpair, the developers behind the popular game Palworld, have issued a stern warning to their user base regarding the presence of unauthorized applications masquerading as the official Palworld game on mobile app stores. According to Pocketpair, several applications using the names and product images of “パルワールド” (the Japanese title for Palworld) and “Palworld” have surfaced on both the App Store and Google Play.

However, the developer has confirmed that these applications have no affiliation with their company and are not legitimate versions of the Palworld game. However, upon checking on both the PlayStaore and App Store, we didn’t find any app like Palworld, but if you find any beware that these apps are not the game developers and you shouldn’t down that.

Pocketpair has already taken action by reporting this issue to both Apple and Google, the operators of the App Store and Google Play, respectively. The developer’s primary concern is the potential risk these fraudulent apps pose to users, including the leakage of personal information stored on smartphones and the possibility of fraud.

The company urges the gaming community and the general public to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of any app before downloading. Users are advised to stay informed through official channels and avoid downloading any apps claiming to be “Palworld” on mobile platforms until further notice from Pocketpair.

This situation highlights the ongoing challenges faced by both developers and app store operators in combating fraudulent apps and protecting users from potential cyber threats. Both Apple and Google have policies and measures in place to identify and remove such deceptive applications, but the ingenuity of fraudsters often means that some apps slip through the cracks, however temporarily.

As the situation develops, Pocketpair is likely to provide updates on their official website and social media channels. In the meantime, users are encouraged to report any suspicious apps that claim to be associated with Palworld to help combat this issue and protect the community from potential harm.