God of War Ragnarok Patch v. 02.04 Released, Fixes Unable to Change the Difficulty Level Issue


God of War Ragnarok has received a new small update on PlayStation that according to its patch v. 02.04 notes brings a major fix for the game. The latest God of War Ragnarok Patch v. 02.04 fixes an issue where some players were unable to change the difficulty level in-game. The patch notes also mentioned a fix for the issue where players were experiencing a rare crash while accessing the weapons menu.

The game’s difficulty settings allow players to choose between four difficulty levels. The difficulty level is based on the power level of the enemies. If an enemy is weaker than another, the difficulty level will be lower. This also affects the power level of bosses.

If players are experiencing this problem, they should restart the game from the last checkpoint or play from a saved file. This should fix most bugs. If it doesn’t, try changing the settings in the characters menu. If that doesn’t work, try reloading the save file.

In order to get the latest patch update on your PlayStation console, you should restart your game and then wait for the update to complete. Once, done, you can finally start playing the game again. Players should now be able to change the difficulty level in the game as the latest GOWR patch v. 02.04 has fixed the issue.