How to Unlock Overwatch 2 Moira Mythic Skin?

Mythic: Ancient Caller

The Moira Mythic skin for Overwatch 2 Season 9, named ‘Ancient Caller’ Moira, incorporates mythical elements reminiscent of a shaman from ancient times, featuring two color variants: pink and green. This skin is part of the Season 9 Battle Pass, themed around Eldritch Horror, which includes other skins and a new mode or event hinting at solving a “Cosmic Crisis” with maps featuring tentacled mouths and large eyeballs​​​​.

The Season 9 Battle Pass will cost 1,000 OW coins ($9.99/£8.39) for the regular version, granting access to all 80 Tiers and a 20% XP boost. A Premium Battle Pass, offering immediate access to the first 20 Tiers, is expected to cost around 2,200 OW coins ($20/£16.79). The Moira Mythic skin, like other Mythic skins, is typically a Tier 80 reward and comes with three helmet options, two weapon options, and four recolor options​​.

How to Unlock Overwatch 2 Moira Mythic Skin?

To unlock the Moira Mythic Skin in Overwatch 2 Season 9, you need to progress through all 80 tiers of the Premium Battle Pass. The skin, named “Ancient Caller” Moira, will be available with the debut of the new Overwatch 2 season on February 13, 2024. To access this skin, you must purchase the Premium Battle Pass for $9.99.

There’s also an option to get the Ultimate Battle Pass bundle priced at $39.99 if you wish to advance through the tiers more quickly. This Mythic skin will feature two variants, modifying Moira’s animations and sound effects to match the theme​​.

Generally, unlocking Mythic skins in Overwatch 2 requires players to reach tier 80 of the season’s Battle Pass. This has been a consistent method for obtaining Mythic skins in past seasons, such as the Cyber Demon for Genji, Zeus for Junker Queen, and others​​​​. Each season typically introduces a new Mythic skin, making them some of the most sought-after cosmetics in the game due to their rarity and the dedication required to unlock them.

When will the new Moira Mythic Skin will be available to unlock in Overwatch 2 Season 9?

The new season, including the Moira Mythic skin, will launch on February 13, 2024, at 12 pm PT. The skin, along with other content, aims to overhaul the game’s competitive system and improve the player experience.