LoL 14.2 Patch Notes


The League of Legends Update 14.2 Patch Notes have been released, featuring various champion adjustments, item changes, and gameplay improvements. Significant changes have been made to champions like Gragas, Gwen, and others, with tweaks in their abilities and base stats. The update also revises items such as Bloodsong, Frozen Heart, and more, altering their effects and costs. Additionally, the patch includes updates to bounty gold, ability haste from Infernal Cinder, and specific gameplay improvements for champions like Kayn and Rhaast.

LoL 14.2 Patch Notes

Here’s a summary of the key updates:

Champion Changes:

  • Karthus: Slight increase in base damage for Q – Lay Waste, and increased magic resist reduction for W – Wall of Pain.
  • Rumble: Decreased base damage for Q – Flamespitter and reduced magic resist reduction for E – Electro Harpoon.
  • Shen: Increase in base attack damage.
  • Teemo: Changes to E – Toxic Shot and R – Noxious Trap, including adjustments in magic damage and ammo recharge time. Also, a change in adaptive type from physical to magic.
  • Twisted Fate: Adjustments in base stats, with new effects added to Passive – Loaded Dice, Q – Wild Cards, and W – Pick A Card. Increased bonus attack speed and new effects for E – Stacked Deck.
  • Veigar: Increased base health.
  • Volibear: Q now grants bonus attack range.
  • Yorick: Changes in runes, replacing Aftershock with Grasp of the Undying and Glacial Augment with First Strike.

Item Changes:

  • Adjustments to items like Bloodsong, Experimental Hexplate, Frozen Heart, Horizon Focus, Mikael’s Blessing, Phantom Dancer, Riftmaker, Steel Sigil, Stormsurge, and Stridebreaker, including changes in costs, recipes, and stats.

Rune Changes:

  • Unflinching rune now grants bonus armor and MR instead of slow resist and tenacity based on missing HP. There are also changes in the stats runes.

These are just some of the updates in Patch 14.2. For a more detailed breakdown of all the changes, including specific numerical values and additional adjustments, you might want to check the official patch notes.