Pokemon Scarlet Violet: How To Increase Friendship Level

Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Max Friendship levels in Pokemon Scarlet Violet. For some players, they may want to try and get their hands on a Pokemon with high max Friendship values. Here is a list of some of the best choices: -Eevee: 252 -Mew: 220 -Celebi: 200 -Jirachi: 200 -Lugia: 210 These are just a few examples, but as you can see, there are quite a few options available to choose from. In the below article, we will go through the guide on how to increase the Friendship Level in the Pokemon Scarlet Violet game.

The Three Types of Friendship Levels in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

There are three types of friendship levels in Pokemon Scarlet Violet- high, medium, and low. High friendship level is needed for your Pokemon to evolve, while low friendship level may cause your Pokemon to disobey you. To raise your Pokemon’s friendship level, you can do various things such as giving it a massage, feeding it vitamins, or playing with it using the proper toys.

To have a high friendship level with your Pokemon, you’ll need to give it plenty of love and attention. This means spending time with it every day, showing it affection through physical contact and kind words, and making sure its basic needs are always met. You should also avoid scolding or punishing your Pokemon too often, as this can lower its opinion of you.

If you have a medium friendship level with your Pokemon, it means that you’re doing something right but there’s still room for improvement. Keep up the good work by showing your Pokemon plenty of affection and spending quality time together, and eventually, you’ll reach the high friendship level that you’re aiming for.

Finally, if your Pokemon has a low friendship level with you then don’t despair – it just means that you need to put in a bit more effort to win its trust. Spend more time together, be extra patient and understanding towards your Pokemon, and make sure its needs are always taken care of. With enough patience and dedication, even the most skeptical of Pokemon will eventually come to see you as a friend.

How to Train your Pokemon to Increase its Friendship Level

If you want your Pokemon to be your friend, you need to train it! Here are some tips on how to train your Pokemon to increase its friendship level:

  • Play with your Pokemon often. Take it for walks, play games with it, and cuddle with it. The more time you spend with your Pokemon, the more it will like you.
  • Be consistent with your training. If you only train your Pokemon once in a while, it won’t be as effective as if you train it every day.
  • Make sure your Pokemon is well-fed and has all of its needs met. A happy Pokemon is a friendly Pokemon!
  • Praise your Pokemon when it does something good and correct it gently when it makes mistakes. This will help your Pokemon trust and respect you.
  • Never mistreat or neglect your Pokemon. This will damage your relationship beyond repair.

The Benefits of Having a High Friendship Level with your Pokemon

When it comes to your Pokemon, having a high friendship level has a lot of benefits. For starters, it makes them more likely to obey you in battle and listen to your commands. They also tend to have better moods overall and be more affectionate towards you, which can make training them a lot more enjoyable.

Beyond that, though, high-friendship Pokemon also tend to perform better in battle. Their moves are more effective and they tend to dodge or resist attacks more often. They’re also less likely to get status conditions like paralysis or confusion. In short, having a strong bond with your Pokemon can make them into an unstoppable force!


If you followed the steps in this article, you should now have a Pokemon with a max friendship level. This means that your Pokemon will be more likely to listen to you and obey your commands in battle, and it will also be more resistant to fainting. If you want to take your relationship with your Pokemon one step further, consider giving it a nickname — this act of affection will cause its friendship level to skyrocket!