Top Project Scheduling Software to Execute Projects on Time

Project Scheduling
Image Courtesy: Василь Вовк, Pexels

Project scheduling software helps you and your team execute projects on time and on budget. It also ensures that your team is on the same page with tasks, dependencies, responsibilities and deadlines.

There are plenty of project scheduling tools on the market, so it can be difficult to choose one that best meets your needs. To help you pick the right tool for your team, we’ve put together this list of our top picks of Project Scheduling Software.


GanttPRO is a top project scheduling software that offers a wide variety of features. It’s specifically designed to simplify planning and foster coordination between team members while keeping every stakeholder in the loop.

Its efficient task interface and the power of Gantt chart timelines allow you to easily manage your assignments, milestones, deadlines, dependencies, and more. Numerous visualization options also simplify collaboration.

Project teams can easily leave comments, plan duties, delegate tasks, and share files anytime as all are kept in one centralized hub. All changes and edits to projects, assignments, tasks, and subtasks are time stamped and recorded for transparency and accountability.

Managers can keep track of resource workload and allocate resources intelligently to keep projects on schedule. They can create custom-made Gantt charts and use different differentiated resource cost values to track the costs of each individual or group of virtual or physical resources.


Runn is a modern resource management and planning solution that gets remote teams on the same page. It’s a perfect fit for project-based businesses.

Runn helps users plan projects and manage resources with allocations, milestones, project phases, and time off. It can be used in a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly view to plan for the short and long term.

It also offers a dynamic bird’s eye view of the entire organization to instantly spot overbookings and resourcing patterns. It’s easy to create plans, with drag-and-drop functionality and flick between monthly, quarterly and half-yearly views for more granular planning.

The software is great for project-based businesses that need to closely control resources and budgets. It also supports real-time capacity charts and time tracking.


With Workfront, you can plan and execute projects more effectively by keeping track of deadlines and tasks. The software also provides notifications and predecessors to ensure that teams are always aware of work progress.

Managers can also use the Scenario Planner to help them create what-if scenarios for incoming projects and then choose the best path forward. The tool also allows for automated workflows that balance requests against organizational priorities and identify resource gaps.

In addition to project scheduling, Workfront offers business optimization and workforce management tools to help businesses grow and succeed. The company serves various industries, including management, manufacturing, financial services, retail and supplies, telecommunications, agencies, real estate, corporations, creatives, pharmaceuticals, advertising, IT, engineering and research.

Users generally prefer the functionality of this software, citing its ability to consolidate processes and tools in one solution. However, learning how to navigate and utilize the software can be difficult. It’s also dated-looking and may not be intuitive for many people.


Teamwork is a cloud-based project scheduling software that enables teams to collaborate effectively and efficiently. Its smart, beautifully designed features are easy to use, promoting visibility and accountability for effective project delivery.

The Ireland-based platform is a strong time tracking and workload management SaaS solution for both large teams and small business, offering a range of project planning tools to help optimize global workflows. Its capabilities also extend to long-term budgeting and future-thinking forecasting.

The free plan includes a robust set of core project management features that include a Gantt chart, task list templates, and milestones for defining goals. It also comes with a calendar view for important milestones and events.