What is Campfire App for Pokemon Go?

Campfire App

Pokemon Go is a community-driven game that requires players to meet up and work together to complete challenges and Raid Battles. This is why Niantic has introduced a new social app called Campfire that works with Pokemon Go game.  The app is available for free on all app-downloading platforms Android and iOS.

What Is Campfire App in Pokemon Go?

Campfire is a new social app from Niantic that helps Pokemon Go players discover people, places and experiences around you. It lets you plan your next meetup, send a DM and manage your Friends List all within a single app. It’s also a great way to organize Raid Battles and find friends in your local community!

Team Up is a limited-time feature that allows you to join Raid Battles with your fellow Trainers in your community and around the world. You can activate this by tapping the green map icon on the top right of the Pokemon GO map!

The app can also be used to share where you are going and drop your live location, while also allowing you to join communities and plan ahead for special events in Pokemon Go. It also lets you add other nearby players to your Niantic friends list.

You can share an AR Catch Card from the game in a Campfire post, which gives others a broader view of where you caught it and allows you to select who can see it. You can make it private (only visible to you), public, or only visible to your friends.

The app works with all of the company’s games, including Pokemon Go and Pikmin Bloom, as well as upcoming Transformers: Heavy Metal and Peridot titles. It’s the latest step in Niantic’s push towards AR.